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Comprehensive Intensive Treatment Program

Patients from around the world return to a pain free, active lifestyle!

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The Comprehensive Intensive Treatment Program is an individualized program specifically designed to overcome chronic pain and mobility issues. The Comprehensive Intensive Treatment Program is a two to four week concentrated program that includes three key elements: Evaluation, Therapy and Self-Treatment instruction.

Evaluation Includes:

  • Whole body evaluation
  • Range of motion testing
  • Hands-on body assessment of Myofascial connective tissue restriction

Therapy Includes:

  • A team of diverse and multi-talented therapists will discuss and review daily- patient's history, condition and progress. All therapists on staff have been personally trained by John F. Barnes, PT. Each therapist possesses their own distinctive healing gifts and our team approach combines talents and skills to meet patient's exclusive needs.
  • One-on-one, personalized sessions receiving hands-on Myofascial Release techniques
  • Multiple sessions per day
  • Heat and/or ice may be recommended after a session
  • Inner Journey Workshop - a small personal group setting designed to enhance your healing potential via discussion and guided imagery.
  • Myofascial Unwinding Workshop - a chance to experience and take part in the movement component (unwinding) of Myofascial Release in a small intimate session with multiple therapists. The unwinding process alters habitual muscular responses, accelerating the body's inherent self-correcting mechanism.
  • Therapeutic Touch - a one hour session using an energetic approach to expand awareness through exploring levels of stillness, listening, focus, energetic perception and intuitive knowing all designed to deepen the healing experience. The practice is based on the assumptions that human beings are complex fields of energy and that the ability to enhance healing in another is a natural process. Therapeutic Touch is useful in reducing pain and aiding relaxation.

Self-Treatment Instruction Includes:

  • A personalized Myofascial self treatment plan will be taught and demonstrated so that patients can continue on with their treatment success when returning home. Simple tools such as a small ball, foam roller/cylinder and wooden roller can give the patient the ability to reproduce the techniques that were helpful to healing and gives the patient a sense of empowerment over discomfort.
  • Re-evaluation at the conclusion of the Comprehensive Intensive Treatment Program.

If needed, a recommendation will be provided for a Myofascial Release trained therapist near your residence to continue with your healing process.

Our staff of therapists is available to answer questions and provide support after you return home.