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Therapy for the Therapist

The Therapy for the Therapist Program is offered on-site in our Malvern, Pennsylvania and Sedona, Arizona Treatment Centers and is designed specifically to meet the needs of therapists who are experiencing pain, tightness, feeling burned out, and in need of rejuvenation.

Sessions are multiple times per day for a total of 15 hours per week. Concentrated treatment with our team of highly skilled therapists’ acts as a catalyst in promoting efficient and deep healing, and release of bracing patterns that perpetuate pain. Home self treatment instruction is included. Therapists who participate in the Therapy for the Therapist Program will experience quantum leaps in health, inner calmness, concentration, therapeutic intuition, and proprioceptive awareness. Overall, enhancement of well-being will be achieved ultimately resulting in powerful and enhanced treatment care for patients.

The “Sanctuary”
Eastern Myofascial Release Treatment Center

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“Therapy on the Rocks”
Western Myofascial Release Treatment Center

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