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Myofascial Healing Seminar Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you allow into the seminar?

Generally, we have 1 instructor for every 15 students.

Do you offer a group discount for hotel accommodations?

Discounted room rates have been established with the hotels. Just state that you are attending the Myofascial Release Healing Seminar.

Is there any required reading prior to the seminar?

While there is no required reading prior to the Myofascial Healing Seminar, we do suggest that participants read Healing Ancient Wounds, The Renegade's Wisdom by John F. Barnes, PT. This book will greatly enhance your experience at the seminar and accelerate the healing process.

What is the attire?

Students are asked to bring/wear a bathing suit, or shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt or sports bra. There will be numerous ‘hands-on’ workshops. Students will perform the techniques learned on a partner and will experience the techniques as a patient.

Should I bring my massage table?

Students who own a massage table are welcome to bring their table to the seminar. There will be sufficient banquet tables for all of the participants who do not own a table. These students should bring a pad for the table. We recommend that all students bring a pillow and a blanket.

Are there Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) for the Myofascial Healing Seminar?

There are no CEU's offered for the Myofascial Healing Seminar.

My employer is requesting a registration form and details on the seminar, how do I obtain this?

Click here to download the brochure for “Seminars for Everyone” for the registration form and course details.