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Myofascial Release DVD's

“Fireside Chat” DVD with John F. Barnes, PT

by John F. Barnes, PT

Total Running Time: 75 Minutes

A Rare Opportunity to Experience Therapy's “Icon” in an Intimate Fireside Chat.

Myofascial Release is a fusion of ancient wisdom and recently discovered scientific insights. The importance of Myofascial Release has emerged as a highly effective treatment for the reduction of pain, headaches and the restoration of function.

This 75 minute Fireside Chat DVD with John F. Barnes will give the viewer a chance to gain an inside look at John's perspective of the principles and methods employed in his Myofascial Release Approach.

  • What events brought about the discovery of Myofascial Release?
  • How did John's own healing process influence his treatment methods?
  • How did John discover his own unique teaching methods?
  • The Scientific Rationale!
  • What is the story behind Myofascial Release?

This and more will be presented in this very personal and fascinating interview with John F. Barnes, PT.

The Fireside Chat DVD is receiving wonderful accolades. This DVD was designed to help the therapist and their patients understand the Myofascial Release philosophy on a deeper lever. It can also be utilized to help your loved ones understand the possibilities of a better life through the MFR process.

You can buy the Fireside Chat DVD at a discount to sell to your patients. Order 10 and receive a discount of $10 per DVD or $39.95 each or buy 25 DVD's and receive a $20 discount or $29.95 each.

What people are saying about this incredible Fireside Chat DVD…

  • “John is truly multi-dimensional. I have taken most of John's Myofascial Release seminars and I am aware of the power he projects. I have also been treated by him. His gentle strength helped me so much. I thought that I knew him. Then I watched the Fireside Chat DVD and was astonished to discover an even deeper dimension, his ‘essence’, the quiet power and wisdom that fuels his stage presence and therapeutic artistry.”
  • “What a wonderful experience. I could sense the wisdom flowing through John. He calmly and clearly helped me understand the Myofascial principles and philosophy on a much deeper level.”
  • “The Fireside Chat DVD will be important for my clients and family to truly understand why I have such a passion for Myofascial Release and why it will be helpful for them to embrace the MFR Principles.”

Price: $49.95


Myofascial Release – 2 DVD Set

by John F. Barnes, PT

Total Running Time: 124 Minutes

Myofascial Release DVD

John F. Barnes, P.T. discusses the theory, anatomy, and function of the Myofascial system with demonstrations in evaluation and treatment techniques for decreasing pain, headaches and restoring motion. This fascinating DVD is designed to educate patients, therapists, referring physicians and insurance companies and is an ideal presentation tool for in-service education.

Myofascial Freedom DVD

This DVD is designed to teach therapists and their patients Myofascial Release Self-Treatment techniques, Myofascial Unwinding techniques and a Home Exercise Myofascial Freedom Flexibility Program.

Price: $159.90


“Skin, Scars and Stiffness” Living Fascia DVD

by Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau

This intriguing new DVD, Skin, Scars and Stiffness by
Dr. Guimberteau provides incredible microscopic images of how trauma and surgical procedures effect the fascial system. This is a great educational video for both patients and therapists to understand the importance of Myofascial Release.

Price: $60.00


“Strolling under the Skin” Living Fascia DVD

by Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau

We recommend that you first watch the “Fireside Chat” DVD by John F. Barnes, PT, then follow it up with the “Strolling Under the Skin” DVD by Dr. J.C. Guimberteau.

Fascia Photo by Permission of Dr. JC Guimberteau

This incredible DVD represents over 30 years of research on the “fascial system” by surgeon and researcher, Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau.

It is amazing to be able to see what we have been feeling under our hands with Myofascial Release; tensegrity, mechanotransduction and the fiber-optic aspect of the fascial system in action, the fluidity of the fascial system and liquid flowing through the microtubules, to see the nodal points actually moving when pressure was applied and the changes in the hydrostatic pressure! SEEING IS BELIEVING!

This fascinating DVD contains some of the most vivid images of living fascia ever developed and it supports the important information that John F. Barnes, PT has been teaching for over 40 years.

Price: $60.00