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Subject: Energy in Sedona

To anyone who hasn't been here yet, you are in for a treat. Combine this with the extraordinary experience of receiving profound treatments at Therapy on the Rocks, or during the powerful group energy of Myofascial Release Seminars, led by John F. Barnes, PT for incredible healing. This is authentic 21st century medicine. And it's right here!


Sonya Lea Smith: Going back in February, can't wait!!
Dawnne Marchand Nance: Woohoo I can certainly second the motion on that!!!
Phil Tavolacci: This photo SO captures the magical/mystical energy of Sedona!
Peter Podbielski: beautiful!!!
Amy Villemez Vander Linden: can't wait to get back - Registered for WHS retake - less than 1 month!!!!!

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