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Fascia surrounds every nerve of our body and restrictions can create crushing pressure on the nerve cell producing pain, spasm, restriction of motion.

The importance of the fascial system has been broadcasted across the world. Recent scientific discoveries have verified what John F. Barnes, PT has been teaching about the fascial system for over 40 years. His critics would say ‘if what John was saying were true, then science would have to be wrong’. Well it was wrong and it now has been proven wrong.

The recognition of this aspect of the fascial system is a major shift in the understanding of cellular function. The work of Dr. Pollack at the University of Washington provides the physics of how fluid moves through that system and provides a direct scientific connection between what we do as myofascial release therapists.

The New York University School of Medicine utilized new laser technology called Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy. This new technology shows the 3 dimensional web and the fluid within that space, the fascia’s ground substance.

This is the vision that John F. Barnes, PT developed his Myofascial Release Approach upon decades ago.

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